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Books for Photography Students

These are few titles I think you might find helpful for your photography. The first,Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson, covers the technical and creative fundamentals of exposure.  The real trick, however, is in figuring out how to create an expressive image. These next books on composition, design and “seeing” will help: Learning to See Creatively by Bryan Peterson,  Photography and the Art of Seeing by Freeman Patterson and Creative Nature and Outdoor Photography by Brenda Tharp. Guy Tal’s book, More Than a Rock is a series of essays on photography, art and creativity. It’s more philosophical – more “why to” and inspirational than “how to” – than the others. Finally, I’ve included my own book, The Four Seasons of Cape Cod. It’s a picture book rather than a “how to” book, but the images help illustrate the concepts about light, lines, framing, etc. that I discuss in classes and workshops.

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