Class – Intro to Digital Photography
Mondays 6-8pm starting January 8, 5 weeks
The class is designed for anyone (beginner or experienced) who wants to learn to use their digital camera and make better photographs. We will cover the essentials of good photography, including your camera’s controls, the principles of good composition and how to use shutter speeds, exposure and depth of field to craft your pictures. In addition, we will cover the basics of how to edit your pictures on your computer. Plan to take lots of pictures. Classes will include weekly photo assignments and helpful review session. Click for more information.

Class – Photography II
Saturdays, 9:30-12:30 starting January 13, 5 weeks (no class Feb.3)
This class is for anyone who has taken the Introduction to Photography Class or has similar experience. We’ll delve more deeply into some of the topics covered in the Intro Class, such as the use of depth of field and shutter speed as compositional tools, light and lighting, and composition and the art of seeing. We’ll have shooting time in each class to practice different types of photography, including still life, landscape and close-up photography. Each week will also include a critique session to review homework assignments. The goal is to help you take your photography to the next level and get you consistently shooting high quality images. Click for more information.

Class – Intro to Photoshop
Tuesdays, 6-8pm, 4 weeks
Learn the essential tools and techniques needed to edit your photos and make them look their best. The class will cover selection tools, tonal adjustments (brightness/contrast, levels, shadow/highlights, etc.), cropping, cloning, touch up techniques, layers and workflow. We will also explore image alteration and manipulation and and some of the more creative functions that can help generate new ideas and take your work to a new level. It is strongly recommended that you bring a laptop loaded with either Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. Click for more information.

Workshop – Re-Touching with Photoshop
January 27, 1:30-4:30pm
Photoshop is the most powerful and useful editing tool available to optimize your photographs. In this afternoon hands-on workshop you will learn to use Photoshop’s rich assortment of editing tools to correct problem images and give your landscapes, scenics and portraits a new level of finish. You’ll learn techniques to remove sensor dust, power lines, lens flare and other distractions; move people, skies and other elements; add “pop”  and dimension and more. Click for more information.



Workshop – Cape Cod Winterscapes
February 2-4
Winter on Cape Cod is a unique time with special photo opportunities. The tourists and part time residents are gone. Many businesses are closed. Beaches, harbors and streets are empty. In this unique workshop, we will explore Cape Cod’s winterscapes–everything from the natural beauty of the beaches and marshes to shuttered business and deserted harbors and streets. We’ll also take advantage of the shorter day-light hours to experiment with low light photography, shooting some scenes at twilight and beyond.Along the way we’ll work on winter shooting tips, how to improve your eye by “seeing” a scene, low light photography and editing techniques to get your pictures looking their best. Click for more information.

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