John Tunney Photography Workshops



Photoshop: Move, Remove & Replace
May 13, 6-8:30pm via Zoom

Photoshop is the ultimate Lightroom plugin for re-touching your photos and taking them to the next level. Lightroom is great for basic edits, but nothing beats Photoshop for extensive re-touching. In this hands-on program, you’ll learn to move, remove and replace elements of your pictures using a variety of tools. You’ll practice the tools and techniques using sample image and your own pictures. Specifically you’ll learn to:
1. Remove unwanted elements from your images. This includes blemishes, distractions, people, telephone lines and much more.
2. Move elements within an image or from one image to another. For example, maybe you think that boat would look better a little to the left. Or you’d like the clouds a little closer to the horizon. Or maybe the flower (or whatever) in one picture would look great in a different image.
3. Replace skies using Photoshop’s new sky replacement tool.
You will receive handouts and sample images to work on during the session. In addition, you’ll have the chance to work on you own images and have John show you how to make the specific changes you want to make. Click for more information.

Dodge & Burn: Digital Light Painting with Lightroom
Saturday, May 22, 2021, 9:30AM-12:30PM
In this Zoom-based workshop, you will learn the creative use of Lightroom’s many powerful tools to control light and color and create your own look and style. Dodge & Burn is an old darkroom term for adjusting the light and shadow in specific parts of an image. It’s how you add dimensionality, pop and emotion to an image. It also helps you guide the viewer’s experience of the picture. Using famous photographs and paintings, plus sample images from his portfolio and some of your own pictures, John will demonstrate Lightroom’s collection of tools for global adjustments, local adjustments and precise adjustments to specific tonal values and colors. You’ll learn about Lightroom’s new Color Grading panel, the Adjustment Brush, Radial and Graduated Filters, HSL and Color panels, Tone Curve, the Range Mask and more. You’ll learn how to apply these tools and techniques to coastal scenes, landscapes, woodlands, wildlife, people and abstracts. Click for more information.

Cape Cod, the Milky Way and Photopills
Friday and Saturday, June 4 – 5, 2021
Join me for a night of fun and adventure learning to photograph the Milky Way over some of Cape Cod’s most scenic locations. This three-part workshop will combine live field shoots with Zoom-based classroom sessions. The workshop begins with a one-hour class session via Zoom to learn about camera settings, focus techniques, strategies to reduce noise, and processing techniques. You’ll also learn to use Photopills to plan your night shoots. You’ll be able to download a video of the presentation after the workshop for future reference. We’ll then head out into the field a little after sunset to practice the settings and focusing techniques, and then spend the next several hours photographing the Milky Way over Cape Cod lighthouses, beaches and other scenes. The next day we’ll reconvene via Zoom to review pictures and for final comments. Click for more information.
Creative Coastal Photography
July 28-30, 2021
Come learn the art of creative fine-art photography while exploring the beaches, dunes and harbors of the Lower and Outer Cape and the Cape Cod National Seashore. In this workshop, photographer John Tunney will take you to some of the Cape’s most beautiful locations and show you how to “see” a scene, discover its creative potential and produce a creative and expressive fine-art image. We’ll go on field shoots in the mornings and late afternoon into evening, plus one Milky Way shoot, and have midday classroom sessions for editing and reviewing pictures. What we’ll cover: 
– How to create impressionistic images using long exposures, camera motion, depth of field and multiple exposures
– The creative use of wide angle and telephoto lenses
– How to see and use the elements of design in composing your images
– Low-light photography tips
– How to photograph the Milky Way
– Processing tips to fine-tune your compositions for added expressiveness, dimensionality and finish
Offered through Cape Cod Art Center. Click for more information.

Iceland Photo Adventure – SOLD OUT. Contact me for waitlist and second trip.
September 8-15
Join me for an 8-day/7-night photo adventure in Iceland, the magical land of fire and ice. The journey begins in the mid-September shoulder season, a time when Autumn has started to warm the landscape colors and the weather is still mild. We’ll have plenty of daylight, plus dark nights and a chance to catch Northern Lights. We’ll travel from Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital, up to the Snaefellesness Peninsula and then down to Iceland’s famed southern coast to photograph majestic waterfalls, glaciers, icebergs, mountains, black sand beaches, mysterious rock formations, and the ice covered “diamond” beach. Along the way we’ll stay in country hotels where we can relax and recharge and dine on the local cuisine. Throughout the trip we’ll take advantage of opportunities to photograph the aurora borealis. Click for more information.

Acadia, Schoodic & Mount Desert Isle  – SOLD OUT. Contact me for waitlist.
Sept 29-Oct 3 (Wednesday to Sunday) 
Join me for a special 5-day/4-night workshop on the beautiful coast of Maine as we photograph Acadia National Park, the Schoodic Peninsula, Mount Desert Island and DownEast Maine. The workshop includes lodging for four nights and all meals (except one lunch and dinner in Bar Harbor),  including a lobster dinner (alternatives available). We’ll be based at the Schoodic Institute near Schoodic Point. Known as the quiet side of Acadia, the Schoodic Peninsula offers a variety of opportunities to experience Maine’s rugged coast, including dramatic cliffs and rocky shorelines, woodland trails that lead to the famous Schoodic Point and its giant slabs of pink granite that extend into the open Atlantic. It’s a great spot for sunrise, sunset,  the moon and stars. We’ll also visit coastal villages such as Birch Harbor, Prospect Harbor and the quaint Corea for scenes of classic DownEast Maine – fishing boats, lobster traps, working docks and more. On Mount Desert Island, we’ll explore picturesque locales such as Bar Harbor, the Acadia coast, Jordan Pond, Eagle Lake, as well as places off the beaten track. Offered through Cape Cod Art Center. Click for more information.

Contact me about one-on-one or small group classes for photography, Lightroom, Photoshop or private photo tours.

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