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Province Lands SUV Dune Tour

Starting on the outskirts of Provincetown, we’ll travel by SUV along the Province Lands inner dune trail, an area not open to public vehicles, near the tip of Cape Cod. We’ll make multiple stops to photograph the majestic dunes and the natural beauty of the surrounding areas. Tours begin in the late afternoon and end with the last light of day after sunset. Tours last approximately 2.5 hours. 6 people maximum.


July 25, 5:15pm Register via CCAC
August 1, 5:15pm Register via CCAC
August 9, 5:15pm Register via CCAC

What to bring:
Any camera (dslr or mirrorless equivalent recommended)
Any lens. You’ll get great shots with a wide angle and/or standard or telephoto lenses.
Tripod (optional)
Sun screen, hat, etc.

OFF-ROAD: Race Point Moon and Milky Way Tours

These tours are scheduled to coincide with the appearance of the moon or milky way in the night sky. We’ll travel by SUV out to Race Point Lighthouse and photograph the stars, lighthouse and other parts of the scenery from several different vantage points. John will provide instruction on how to photograph the night sky.

What you’ll need:
A DSLR or mirrorless equivalent
For the Milky Way: Wide angle lens with f4 or lower aperture
For the moon: Wide angle and/or telephoto lens
Ability to use manual exposure and manual focus
Small flashlight

$80 CCAC members/$90 non-members

June 27, 6:45pm – Race Point Sunset and Moonrise Tour Register via CCAC
July 10, 8:30pm – Race Point Milky Way Tour Register via CCAC
August 9, Thursday, 8:30pm – Race Point Milky Way Tour Register via CCAC


Hidden Harbor Photo Tours
These tours will take you to some of the most picturesque scenes on the Cape. Each tour focuses on one town. We start in the late afternoon and go through sunset, traveling in your own vehicles or by carpool to photograph various locations that may include lighthouses, mills, beaches, marshes and more.

Tour Dates

  • June 26, Tuesday, 6:00pm – Orleans
  • July 3, Tuesday, 6:00pm – Brewster
  • July 24, Tuesday, 6:00pm – Eastham
  • July, 31, Tuesday, 5:45pm – Truro
  • August 8, Wednesday, 5:45pm – Chatham
  • August 14, Tuesday, 5:45pm – Orleans
  • August 21, Tuesday, 5:45pm – Wellfleet

Register via CCAC.


Cape Cod at Night
Learn tips and tricks of night photography as we explore Cape Cod. Each night’s Photo Tour will be a based in a different town, providing a variety of different subjects and experiences, including stars and constellations, the moon, landscapes/seascapes at night, lighthouses, street scenes and harbors. 

Participants should bring a DSLR or mirrorless equivalent, fast lens (F4 or lower), tripod and small flashlight. Itineraries are subject to change depending on the weather.

Tour Dates

  • July 31, Tuesday, 8:45pm – Truro
  • August 8, Wednesday, 8:45pm – Chatham
  • August 14, Tuesday, 8:45pm – Orleans

Register via CCAC.


Please contact me about scheduling a private tour.

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