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Intro to Photography


Depth of Field

Shutter Speed

Points and Lines

Photographing the Moon

– Experiment with depth of field, shooting both shallow and long depth of field.
– Find a moving subject and shoot it at different shutter speeds.  Try rushing water, ceiling fan, traffic or anything else you can think. You’ll need a tripod in some cases, depending on how fast the subject is moving and the amount of light.
– Practice moving the focus points around. Learn to do it with your eye to the viewfinder and without looking at the buttons.
– Create some images that emphasize a focal point (think rule of thirds)
– Create some image that emphasize lines – leading lines, line as patterns, etc.

Upload 8-10 pictures to



Intro to Photography – Class 1 presentation

1. Practice using aperture priority mode and working with the exposure triangle.
    – Know how to change your f-stop and be aware of how that affects your shutter speed.
    – Know how to change your ISO setting. In normal light, you can stick with 100-800. Adjust it and/or your f-stop as necessary to ensure the shutter   speed you want (don’t go below 1/30th sec. handheld)
2.Review your manual’s sections on focusing. Pay special attention to how to change your focus mode and how to change your focus point.
2. Rule of Thirds. Take pictures using rule of thirds.
3. Work the Scene. Find a scene or subject and shoot it several different  ways. Send/bring about three images to class.
4. Framing. 1) Find a subject and use other elements in the scene to frame it, and 2) use the viewfinder as a picture frame (check the edges and make sure you want those things in the picture). 

Upload 8-10 pictures to

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